Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Meltdown ~ Irish Car Bomb Brownies

I simply can't help myself, and must first start off this post by mentioning Mad Men's season premiere last night....did anyone else watch??  LOVED it.  The actual show is fabulous, but the fashion is such though that I almost find myself distracted from the actual story line.  How wonderful would it be to have Betty Draper's wardrobe?  Or Joan's amazing pink dress from last night's episode with its beaded sleeve cuffs.  Let's just meditate on that for a second.....

Okay, so back to what this blog is actually about (food).  I REALLY wanted to like these brownies.  I had originally seen them on Pinterest (surprise, surprise) and had been drooling over them for about a month in anticipation of St. Patrick's day.  I made Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes last year and they turned out wonderful.  I was initially hesitant of all of the alcohol and the resulting flavors, but the combination of Guinness, Bailey's and Irish Whiskey was a real winner.

But these didn't turn out as such.  The texture of the brownies was okay, and the the Bailey's cream cheese mixture was even pretty good.  But the Irish Whiskey ganache just killed the whole thing.  Yuck.  And this is coming from a girl who enjoys a Jack and Diet on occasion.

I'm not sure if the amount was off or what, but it was so bad that I wouldn't even consider trying to make them again to try and play with proportions.  Put it this was so bad that when I gave Trey a bite to try (I hadn't yet tried them myself and didn't realize the agony I was about to put him through) he mustered the best face he could and politely waited until I had left the room to spit it out :(  To say the ganache tasted like tar is about the nicest thing I could say about them.

I normally share recipes on this blog, but on this occasion I think I'll pass.  Unless that is you're wanting to take a tasty treat to someone you clearly despise.  But I will share a few photos of the mishap....

Swirling the Bailey's Cream Cheese in...

Making the ganache...we're still also systems go at this point

Smoothing the ganache on...little did I know what was to come...

And scraping it off in an attempt to try to salvage the brownies...sigh.

No worries, I'll share some recipes later this week that turned out great :)  What's your latest mishap in the kitchen??

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  1. Looks like you may have burnt your chocolate when making the ganache. Ganache typically should be shiny and smooth and it would have spread without difficulty. From the grainy appearance, it looks like the chocolate was scorched (and would also explain the off taste).


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