Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Links

TGIF!  I'm going to revert back to a previous tradition of sharing some links around the web.  One of the things I've enjoyed most about food blogging is the amazing network of other talented ladies and gentlemen who are out there.  Their recipes are inspiring and their photos are simply breathtaking.

My aim (most) Fridays is to bring some of my favorite finds to you.

*Disclaimer:  The below photos were not taken by me, nor do I claim to take any credit for them.  Please click the accompanying link for each photo to be taken to the site whose property they are.  You will also find the recipe via this same link.


Perfect Restaurant Quality
Homemade Pizza Dough
I have been itching to try and make my own dough
for a while and this seems like the perfect recipe.  Just looking
at it makes me want to lick the computer screen!

Nutella and Chocolate Chip
Bread Pudding
I like nutella.  I like chocolate chips.  I love
bread.  I love pudding and anything creamy.  Therefore,
this recipe is a must.  End of story.

Salmon Burgers with Cilantro Mayo
I always love a good burger, but this
twist on a classic would make me feel slightly
better about indulging since it's a heart healthy fish rich
in Omega 3's :)

Peanut Butter Banana
French Toast
I was given a fresh homemade loaf of bread
yesterday and am DYING to make french toast with it.  With
the bananas I also have on hand this recipe
looks like the perfect go-to for me this weekend.

Crispy Chicken Wrap
Apparently these tasty wraps can go from prep
to table in 15 minutes...for real???  I'm going to have to 
try this for myself.  These look absolutely

What's on your menu for the next week?

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