Monday, August 6, 2012

Eggs and Toast with a Twist

I'm sure you've seen eggs of all kind....scrambled, over easy, sunny side up.....but have you ever seen them cuddled up all inside their own piece of toast?

Eggs and toast have long been considered breakfast staples, but sometimes they can get a bit routine.  In an effort to switch things up a bit I decided to try nesting my egg into the toast as I cooked it.  Not only does this make for an easier prep process, but it cuts down on the time you spend standing over the stove since you cook your breakfast all at one time.   And the sooner I can get food in my belly each morning the better :)

And if you have little ones this is a breakfast you can get get them in on as well.  I used a glass to cut out the little hole in the toast, but you could certainly use different shaped cookie cutters to do so.  Stars or hearts, anyone?

It's already set up perfectly for you to dip that 
toast into the egg.

PS PLEASE for the love of Pete use butter!!  I normally use olive oil to cook my eggs, but butter just makes everything better with this dish.  It not only keeps your egg from sticking to the pan, but it flavors your toast to perfection.  If you use Pam or something similar you will be left wondering why I thought this dish was worth blogging.  Yes, butter is definitely better.

Eggs and Toast with a Twist CCK Original
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1 slice of bread
1 egg
1 Tbsp butter

Use glass or cookie cutter to cut out desired shape in toast.  Either discard the portion you cut out or save it to cook alongside the "nested egg".

Melt butter in pan over medium high heat.  Place bread in pan and crack egg into opening.  Cook approximately 1-2 minutes or until egg is beginning to set.

Butter bubbling to perfection.

Almost ready to flip...

Gently use a spatula to flip the toast, being careful not to break the yolk.  Cook for approximately 1 minute on other side.  You want the white of the egg to be set, but the yolk to still be runny.  Think eggs over easy style.

When it looks like this it's done.  Be careful not to over cook
though because the yolk will no longer be runny.

Remove from pan and serve immediately.


  1. This is one of my FAVORITE breakfasts. My mom used to make them for me all the time when I was a kid. So simple, but SO good. Thanks for reminding me :)

    1. Well it has definitely now become MY favorite too :) So simple, yet so delish.

  2. Oh my stars! Two things. First, I am an offical follower of your blog! I did it! No more stalking! Second, your breakfast was easy and delish!!! But yours was prettier! I love you. Keep cooking!

    1. YAY!! SO glad you are official. And I'm glad your breakfast turned out tasty :) Much love to you and your sweet fam!!!

  3. I made this for breakfast one morning for my boyfriend. Instead of a circle I used a heart shaped cookie cutter for the center. It was yummy and cute!

    1. Love! I originally wanted to use a heart, but the basic round shape was all I had :( next time!

  4. We love love love this around our house!!!! My sister in law is from London and she made this for us one morning after we spent the night when our AC was out. Just saw it in your index.....we will revisit this tomorrow morning!!!! Love your story and your recipes, such a doll!!

    1. Oops I almost forgot, my SIL calls this Eggs in a Basket (now say it with an English accent) She puts the little bread round on top as if it were a basket lid!! Too cute:-)

    2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I always love when people enjoy the blog since it's just kind of a hobby on the side. And eggs in a cute!! :)


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