Monday, February 6, 2012


I'm back!  Happy Monday morning!!   As you may remember from my last post, I checked out for about a week and a half there because I got married last Saturday :)  It was absolutely wonderful and the week the hubby and I spent in St. Lucia was the perfect way to wrap up and unwind from such a happy and special event.  We did absolutely nothing but sit by the beach for 7 days and I loved every lazy minute of it.

I wanted to share some photos of the wedding, and since this is a food blog I think it's definitely appropriate (if not required) that I share the details of our delicious cakes.  These culinary works of art were created by the incredibly talented Mark Lotti of Classic Cheesecakes and Cakes in Atlanta, GA.  To say Mark was a dream to work with does not even scratch the surface.

The cake is always one of my favorite things about a wedding.  Slightly ridiculous, I know, but I guess it's because I'm such a foodie.  I basically stalk the bride and groom until they cut the cake and then make sure to eat some of Trey's cake after I polish off my own piece.  And Lord help me if there are multiple flavors in the cake because I'll make sure to try every one of them.

When Trey and I got engaged one of the first things we did was seek out a baker.  In my humble opinion, it's often easy to find someone who can make a pretty cake.  What's not quite as easy is finding someone who can make a beautiful cake that tastes divine.  I've tasted a lot of great cakes, but I've also tasted more than my fair share of dry, flavorless cakes as well.

We had tasted Mark's cakes before at friends' weddings and knew we wanted to go with him.  We went for a tasting, and after paring down flavors we then worked to ensure that the cakes would reflect our personality and wedding style.

My cake featured the lace pattern on my dress and was adorned with sugar peonies.  To say that I was absolutely enthralled with the cake would be quite the understatement.

We had four flavors in the bridal cake: Italian Cream, Chocolate Chip, Classic White and Chocolate Cherry.  They were all divine!  My dress was very fitted, so I couldn't eat that much cake on the actual wedding night, but I got into a few pieces last night when we arrived back home from the 'moon :)

Trey's cake was a bulldog.  This is very fitting for two reasons: one, we both attended the University of Georgia and their mascot is a bulldog; and two, he beloved pet is a bulldog named Moe.  I have no idea how someone can create a 3D sculpture that can look so realistic.

Trey's cake was all one flavor: strawberry marble.  Delish!  And you can't see it but the back of the bulldog's jersey features the number 28 for our wedding date.

I don't have any of the photos back from our photographer yet, but below are a few of the ones taken by family.  Enjoy!

With my sister/best friend Sarah Beth

Our amazing bridal party

Cutting the groom's cake

The set up of the room....we wanted an all cream theme

Light canopy draped with tulle

Having a moment with my sweet parents

This week I'll be featuring several of the meals I'll be fixing for the hubby, so stay tuned!  


  1. Congrats Morgan! The wedding looked beautiful! I've enjoyed keeping up with you through your blog and have appreciated your openness to sharing your life story! Enjoy marriage, it only gets better everyday! :)

    1. Thank you so much Stephanie! It was such a wonderful day, and I'm so grateful to have photos because it absolutely flew by.

      I hope you are doing wonderful as well :)


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