Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday's Tips, Tricks and Tid-Bits ~ Chocolate

Today's post is short and sweet (literally...the topic is chocolate), but it's still something I found incredibly helpful.  Think of it more of a tid-bit than a tip.
There are so many different terms for the various kinds of chocolate out there that I always end up having to google them to find out which is which.  There's bittersweet chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, german chocolate....I'll stop here, lest I end up snatching up a Hershey's Dark Chocolate with Almonds mini for breakfast.

There are plenty of specifics on this topic (percentages of milk solids and cocoa), but I'm just giving you the nitty gritty basics so you'll know what means what when you're on aisle 3 at Publix :)

Semisweet Chocolate: Dark Chocolate

Bittersweet Chocolate: Extra Dark Chocolate; also known as Unsweetened Chocolate or Baking Chocolate

Milk Chocolate:  It's lighter in color, is much sweeter and is the most popular kind of chocolate found in candies.

White Chocolate:  This isn't technically a type of chocolate, but rather only contains cocoa butter.  It doesn't really taste like chocolate, but of vanilla or other added flavors.

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