Saturday, January 21, 2012

AllRecipes Coverage

Okay, so this isn't really a recipe post, but I still had to share.   And I realize that I normally don't post on weekend, but this was a special occasion, so I'm making an exception.

I submitted a photo to the AllRecipes website yesterday and it got voted to appear on the site's main page!  Each day members can submit photos and then site visitors vote for their four favorites.  And mine was one :)  Can you tell I'm excited?!

Below is a screen shot of their homepage right now.  My photo is the red velvet cupcake to the far right.  You can go to the live website by clicking here, however after today you won't see my photo.

If you haven't ever checked out AllRecipes I would highly encourage you to do so.  It's one of the first sites I frequented when I began venturing into the cooking/baking world, and it's incredibly user friendly.  I'm not sure exactly how many recipes are listed on the site, but it's A LOT.

My favorite feature is that for each recipe you can see each and every member photo that has been uploaded.  So instead of just seeing a nice, glossy photo of perfection brought to you by the editor/chef, you can see photos from real at-home cooks who tried their hand at the recipe.  Much more realistic if you ask me.

There are also user reviews so that you can garner feedback from other visitors.  The frosting didn't thicken up enough or the pork was really dry?  That will be noted here.

Anyhow, check it out!  Go take a tour.  Whip something up.

See you Monday!

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