Monday, March 21, 2011

Our First Award!!

I was in line at Publix today picking up lunch for me and some coworker friends and decided to use the spare time to catch up on Facebook statuses (I know you do it too, so don't judge).  I log in to find that I've received a blogger award from a sweet friend whose blog I happen to equally love :)  How exciting!

 The rules state that I must list out 7 fun facts about myself and then pass along the award to 3 other deserving bloggers.  Here it goes...

1. I have no aunts, uncles or first cousins.  Both of my parents are only children.  Some might think I am missing out by not having such family members as a part of my life, but I look at it as me not having to share either set of my grandparents with anyone...I'm a bit selfish with them :)

2. I hate for my foods to touch.  If I'm eating foods that "run" (i.e. green beans with the nice yummy juice), then I either need a sectioned plate like you would give a two year old, or I will space these foods far apart and wipe up any excess juice compulsively with a napkin.

3. I started out high school at 4'11".  This may not seem like an odd fact unless you know me personally and know that I stand at 5 feet 8 inches now.  I grew over 7 inches in one year and began sophomore year at 5'8".  Needless to say it was very hard to keep a pair of pants on me that didn't look like high waters within about 2 months.

4. One of my eyes squints significantly more than the other when I smile.  If I don't make a conscious effort to squeeze the other eye more and also relax the "squintier" one,  then my face looks lopsided in pictures.  

5. Our family has an inside rabbit named Mopsy who is potty trained.  He roams freely around the house and then scratches on the door to go outside to take care of business.  Then he scratches to be let back in.  He's precious!

6.  Speaking of Mopsy, we thought he was a "she" when we first got him.  I was home last summer and discovered two large knots near his nether regions.  My mom and I were all distraught because we thought our poor girl had cancerous tumors.  However, imagine my sock and embarrassment when I took Mopsy to the vet to find out that those lumps were not tumors.....and that "she" was a "he".  I'll let you fill in the missing links......

7. My love for cooking began when I was about 4 or 5.  I used to go to my Mimi's house and fix bread for the squirrels.  Yes, bread for the squirrels.  I would dump everything I could find in a bowl, add some berries from the yard (which were probably poisonous), bake it and then dump it out under the tree in my grandparents' back yard for the squirrels to eat.  I was convinced they were hungry.

How is that for 7 facts?  I'm passing this award on to these 4 well deserving bloggers listed below....congrats! Yes, I know you're only supposed to do 3, but I couldn't pick.

Last but not least, don't forget to check out Jessamie's blog Bird and Branch Redesign here!  She has some amazing pieces and is so talented.  Enjoy!

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